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The Las Vegas Rescue Mission was founded in 1970 by a group of six businessmen who had a burden to help those who were homeless and hungry. Through feeding the hungry, support, care, and an introduction to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, they provide redemption, recovery, and re-entry to the homeless, addicted, and those in need. The Las Vegas Rescue Mission strives to be the model for providing hope and life-changes which equip those who seek its help for independent living and spiritual fulfillment. One of the primary objectives is to touch as many lives as possible with the love of Jesus Christ in an active and tangible way. The Mission stands as a beacon of hope. Through effective, innovative Christian recovery programs, the Las Vegas Rescue Mission provides a path for those who want to escape the despair of the streets.

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Giving Hope Worldwide has partnered with the Las Vegas Rescue Mission since 2011. GHW is assisting them by providing food and diapers for the needs of families in the local community. I'm excited about the possibilities of growing my relationship with them in the future. I believe in their mission to provide hope and healing for people and families who are in need through the love of God.

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