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Paper Houses Across the Border is committed to helping families and children in the colonias of Mexico. They also provide Americans with the opportunity to share in the experience of missions in the colonias. Paper Houses Across the Border supports shelters for children, provides medical assistance, and feeds thousands of children every school day. They are primarily searchers. They visit the houses of the working and non working poor as they search for ways to help the people and assist them to become self sufficient.

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GHW has had the privilege of working with Paper Houses Across the Border since 2005. I first met Bob Decker, founder of Paper Houses Across the Border after reading an article in People Magazine that described his mission across the Texas border in Acuna, Mexico. I was touched by his story. Soon after that, I had the opportunity to meet him and witnessed his passion and determination to help the people of Acuna. We began our relationship shortly after that first visit. Between the years of 2006 and 2009, Giving Hope Worldwide has constructed two cafeterias and is currently feeding approximately 2000 children every school day. When I visit the cafeterias in Acuna, I often walk the streets and distribute bags of food and clothing to the families I meet along the way. When I visit with these families, I sometimes see the need for medical attention. With the help of Paper Houses Across the Border, these families are able to seek medical assistance. Paper Houses Across the Borders has established good working relationships with a few local doctors in Acuna. They also provide assistance to the elderly and support some of the local children's orphanages. I am so grateful for the daily attention that Paper Houses Across the Border is committed to in making all this possible.

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