Watoto Child Care Ministries goal is to raise the next generation of Ugandan leaders by pursuing excellence in academic and practical skills, integrity in conduct and moral values, so that each child will become a responsible Christian and a productive citizen of Uganda.

Watoto cares for children in two ways. Single-family dwellings are constructed to provide shelter for the most destitute children. Watoto is strongly committed to placing the children in a family environment rather than in large institutional orphanages. Once enrolled in Watoto the children remain a part of their new family for life. Since 1994, Watoto Children's Choirs have toured internationally as advocates for the 15 million children in Africa, orphaned as a result of Aids. They present Watoto's vision and mission through their music and dance, which is an energetic fusion of contemporary gospel and traditional African rhythm.

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GHW has been involved with Watoto since 2004. I was first introduced to Watoto when one of their choirs performed at a local church in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2008 I had the opportunity to travel to Africa and visit the villages of Watoto in Uganda. I have assisted them with infrastructure and land expansion for building development. In 2009 GHW built a home to house 150 babies. I traveled to Uganda in February 2010 for the opening of the "Watoto Suubi Babies Home". I'm currently working on new projects to further assist Watoto.

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